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Love Honor and Vacuum from the Pulpit

Many spouses are suffering today in loveless and sexless marriages, or being manipulated and abused by a spouse that is withholding various forms of intimacy in an attempt to punish or control their spouse.  All forms of withholding erode trust

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Criticism not allowed?

I posted the following comment at a week ago but it has yet to appear: “How many families must be destroyed by lying vindictive wives choosing the welfare state via corrupt family law, how many children torn from their

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Mutual Submission

Letter I dropped in the mail…   5/18/2019 Bible Advocate Press P.O. Box 3367 Denver, CO 80233 Dear Bible Advocate, I am writing regarding your April 2019 publication titled “All Authority”, specifically the article titled “The Humble Leadership of Christ”

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Bible Verses for Husbands and Wives

Just a bit of a topical Bible study I hope others will find useful. For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace… 1 Cor 14:33 Verses for husbands: Genesis 2:24 Therefore shall a man leave his father

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