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Being Hit By A Truck ≠ Having Babies

Here is a summary of our thoughts on birth control.  If you are just curious about the comparison to getting hit by a car/truck, that part is at the bottom of this post. Biblical Points Against Birth Control: The Bible

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The Baby War: Defenders and Defectors

Don’t like Abortion? You should watch this movie. Don’t like Homosexual Marriage? You should watch this movie. Are you a Christian? You should watch this movie. We just finished watching it with our three oldest children ages 12-16. It is

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If We Had Listened

We did listen to bad advice in the beginning.  The two silhouettes represent the two the Lord might have given us had we not said “no” to Him.  Unfortunately that advice came not only from the ungodly, but from Christian

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Birth Control Quotes From Yesteryear

When our pastor gets disgusted with this or that modern behavior in the church or culture he often preaches from the pulpit that “You didn’t see anyone doing this or that 50 or 100 years ago!”  That inspired me to

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Pro-Choice vs Pro-Life: Where do you draw the line?

We had an interesting experience with at the Planned Parenthood on Babcock Rd. today.  The boyfriend of one of their clients decided to stand with us holding up a pink “Pro-Choice” sign he made on the spot.  I was

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Comment on Anti-Law

Here is a comment I made on an Anti-Law blog post I thought worth re-posting here: The Bible clearly says we are both justified by faith and that we are justified by works. I never understand that fully until I

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