Criticism not allowed?

I posted the following comment at a week ago but it has yet to appear:

“How many families must be destroyed by lying vindictive wives choosing the welfare state via corrupt family law, how many children torn from their fathers, how many fathers taking their own lives due to the persecution, how many babies murdered in the womb, how many children raised by government indoctrination centers while mothers take half a living wage, how many must suffer before we abandon feminist ideologies like this that blaspheme/speak evil of the Word of God?

Until Christ returns we still live in a world full of thorns and thistles, increased pain in childbirth, authority structures, difficult work, and death.  It is quite the leap to claim that Christ redeemed only one small part of the curse and not the rest.  It can be argued that all of these things God gave us for our own good, even death, since preventing someone living forever in the miserable, rebellious, unredeemed state of man is a mercy.  Scripture is clear the authority structure in marriage was set up because the woman was deceived, and that all authority structures are for our own good. “For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.”  It is ridiculous to claim there is no authority structure in the family when wives are command to be under obedience, subject in everything, be in subjection, be obedient, etc, and is by far the most frequent direction to wives stated in many various ways and clearly associated with and even embedded in the middle of lists of authorities in at least four different passages (Ephesians, Colossians, Titus, and Peter).  Two members vying for one position in the body only brings schism and suffering.  We can use logic and twist or deny scripture but it won’t be better than what God plainly commanded.

What’s next?  Is cog7 going to teach children should not obey their parents, servants should not obey their masters, younger should not obey the elders, and citizens should not obey their governments because that also came as a result of the curse and all authority is bad and a mere claim or examples of subjugation/victimhood is all that is required to condemn the structures themselves?  Will the chaos, confusion, and anarchy in the family wake up the church to preclude these other institutions from such cultural rationalizations?  We can be thankful Christ was obedient to death.  Will the church ever return to a time where “Love, Honor, and Obey” is good and right and culturally accepted?  God have mercy on us and our children and call our culture to repentance.”

On a related note, neither has there been any response to the Mutual Submission letter sent in May.  Perhaps neither intellectual discussion nor passionate pleas will get through, only time will tell.

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