Happy 2nd Birthday to Taylor!

Taylor is 2 years old! Thank you for enjoying this overview of his 2nd year, and a few messages from our family and from Taylor.

Taylor age 13 months

Age 13 months – Taylor enjoyed our beach trip and wanted to eat the sand, just like any 1-year old.

“Many might like to label me as a ‘Down’s child.’ In actuality, I am simply a boy who happens to have Trisomy 21 (the correct medical term). Mr. Down may have discovered Down syndrome, but he is not my father. Maybe we should call it ‘Up syndrome’ instead! In many ways I am a typical boy, just like my 3 big brothers, and love to play with blocks, cars, and wagons. One of my favorite things to do is to knock down a tower of blocks with a big BANG!”

Age 14 months - having a new baby sister is pretty neat.

Age 14 months – having a new baby sister is pretty neat.

 “I am not ‘retarded.’ I am developmentally delayed. I think it would be nice if people would not use the word ‘retarded’ anymore, since the meaning of it has changed to an insult in recent years.”

Age 15 months

Age 15 months – Swimming and splashing are so much fun!

 “I am more alike than different. I may be a bit slower and look a little different, but I am growing up with the same hopes, dreams, joys, and sorrows as anyone else.”

Age 16 months

Age 16 months – Taylor is wearing SMO’s on his feet to help with proper standing and walking, and to prevent future problems.

 “If someone says that I can’t do something, my response will be, ‘Watch me!’ My Mommy doesn’t let any of my older siblings say “I can’t do it,” and she does not treat me any differently.”

Age 17 months

Taylor, age 17 months

Zachary age 18 months

Zachary, age 18 months

 “See how much I look like my big brother Zachary? Yes, I have an extra chromosome, but I still look a lot like many of my own family.”

Taylor age 18 months

Age 18 months – all dressed up and ready for church

 “I am not always happy. I am happy a lot of the time, but my emotions are variable just like anyone else. I can throw a tantrum with the best of them! And I sometimes forget to be nice and hit my sister…”

Age 19 months

Age 19 months – camping in a tent was fun, and I got to take a bath in the dishtub.

“Thank you for understanding my challenges, but please don’t treat me differently and thereby communicate lowered expectations for my potential. I love the song my family sings for me: ‘I am a promise! I am a possibility!'”

Age 20 months

Age 20 months – On a fun road trip to Georgia, hanging out with one of Taylor’s favorite people.

“Please don’t limit me! I can do anything with God’s help. I can’t wait until Matthew teaches me to play the piano like he does!”

Age 21 months

Age 21 months – Taylor has been crawling for many months and is still working on strengthening his core so that he can walk.

“I am very playful and love to have fun playing peek-a-boo, chase and tickle, and pass back-and-forth. I know and love every member of my big family, and feel shy around other people. Remember, I am more alike than different!”

Age 22 months

Age 22 months – Our “twins!”

“Jubilee is trying to catch up with me, and she thinks she’s going to win the race we’re in to see who walks first. She may be fast, but I’m not giving up. She’s going to motivate me to keep going.”

Age 23 months

Age 23 months – Taylor enjoys his GAPS Diet soup, made specially for him and pureed to honey-thick consistency.

“Thanks Mommy, for all the work you do for me every day. I know Down syndrome is not a disease, but it sure is hard sometimes, when my extra chromosome gives me extra problems. The daily supplements you give me are helping my body fight the oxidative stress I’m under, and I thank you for it!”

Age 24 months

Happy 2nd Birthday Taylor!

 “I may not be able to speak words to you yet, but I can understand just about everything you say. I know at least 15 signs, and am learning more all the time.”
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4 comments on “Happy 2nd Birthday to Taylor!
  1. Sheryl Hurlin says:

    Happy Birthday Taylor!
    You are a blessing from the Lord!
    Love, The Hurlins


  2. Shelia Pradia says:

    Happy birthday Taylor


  3. christy c says:

    Thank you for sharing these great pictures and precious insights. Blessings!


  4. Deborah Boyd says:

    Love this post! Happy Birthday, sweet Taylor! You will do whatever you set your heart and mind to do, with the Lord beside you every step of the way! We serve an awesome and mighty God who has great plans for you!!


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