Is Public School an Option?

Here is an article from Answers In Genesis asking the question: Is Public School an Option?

Our beliefs:

  1. Government schools are a hostile mission field for brave Christian teachers, at least until they get canned.
  2. Government schools are not for students.  Teachers teach and train students in school, not the other way around.  Peer pressure influences the minority, not the other way around.
  3. While God could call young believers rock solid in their faith to go in with an agenda and impact others this is the exception not the rule.  It is highly unlikely children would be ready for this mission at five years old.


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One comment on “Is Public School an Option?
  1. Finally, someone who agrees with me that it is generally SIN for Christians to dump their kids in public “school”. Thank you!!! I state without hesitation that I am thoroughly convinced that public “schools” have been turned into an absolute CONSPIRACY–nothing more and nothing less. No doubt some of the minions are just deceived, but the highest brains (or lack thereof) behind it are crime bosses who know exactly what they’re doing and why. I mean, the quotes in that article?–it’s not even subtle! People are desensitized. If anyone ventured to try this in our founding fathers’ day, there’d be, like… shooting!


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