Church Must Call for Exodus from Public Schools

Strong words but kudos to our home schools and other private schools…

“…The Church in America is blah. It can hardly be called a church at all, according to Biblical standards. It sits there like a wax dummy while its children, by the millions, are herded off to the anti-Christian public schools to be taught that homosexuality is a virtue, abortion is a right, Evolution is the truth, government is the answer, and, above all, that the Bible is a hate-filled collection of fictional stories and is wrong, wrong, wrong about everything.

Real churches, faithful churches, wouldn’t stand for that. Real shepherds don’t let their flocks be fed poison.

Real churches would be helping parents by setting up Christian schools, providing assistance in homeschooling, and forcing their congregations to yank their heads out of the sand and see what’s going on. Real church leaders would be leading their people out of Pharaoh’s schools, not standing on the sidelines, wringing their hands…” – Read the whole article at

Comments from Facebook:

As an educator I can tell you you’d be hard pressed to find any public school science curriculum that does not teach of an old (billions and billions…) earth, and evolutionary theory. In Texas they do their best to indoctrinate the teachers before they let you graduate. – KC

Yeah I’m sure some are worse than others but overall it’s much worse and even when I was growing up it was a godless place. – NM

Every Christian public school student should be sure never to forget their sword! – NM

I don’t believe this is accurate for all students and schools. My children are in public school and have stood firm in their faith and values. I thank God every day for keeping them from harm AND allowing them to bless those around them. They have been a positive influence and encouragement to their Christian friends as well as their classmates that are completely unchurched. (I don’t really like the word “unchurched” because it ONLY one’s relationship with Jesus but you get my drift.) If students who are believers completely isolate themselves from unbelievers there are fewer chances for them to be positively influenced. – RG

I hope what you believe is true in your case. For most children I believe they are influenced more by government schools and their peers than they end up influencing others. Hard for me to imagine children being baptized and mature in their faith trained as missionaries/evangelists especially at the age of five? Anecdotal evidence: In my case I was not baptized til 17 and maturity in my faith was still many years down the road. – NM

…it is much different now from when we went to school…look around you in the community and in our culture and see a picture of what our children deal with from kids and teachers. Also the homosexual agenda and abortion rights, anti-christian teaching has really progressed faster in the last few years. The last couple of years in high school I was told by quite a number of students “Miss –you can’t say that” when I was answering a students question with the way I believe. I didn’t start the conversation …but if they asked me what I thought ….I told them ….and their thought was that I wasn’t allowed to say that. It is a wonder I wasn’t called up to the principal’s office because I was starting to get bolder and bolder with truthful answers to their questions. – PM

Recommended Resources:

1467405_660647383987988_565899702_n[1] IndoctriNation Movie

An award-winning film calling Christians out of the public schools:

90-3-022[1] Already Gone

This powerful book reveals shocking trends and offers wisdom on how to win back our families, our churches, and our world!


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One comment on “Church Must Call for Exodus from Public Schools
  1. I love “Indoctrination”. It’s so sad and outrageous how Christian parents assume their kids will be the exception.


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